Bonding With Your Co-Workers: Sweating Together

Part of the reason you want to work for a company is the culture, and a company culture is only as good as its people. It is unsurprising then that you may come across a lot of like-minded people on your team and there will be the desire or tendency to want to spend time outside of work together. This is totally fine, but keep in mind there are alternative ways to socialize and bond outside of “Happy Hour”.

For example, work out together! Sweating together is a really great way to bring everyone onto the same level. Everybody sweats, everybody gets red, every body huffs and puffs at the gym, which levels the playing field regardless of position within the company. This creates a camaraderie and degree of comfort between colleagues, because it makes you a little vulnerable and gives you something to bond over. For example, our team is embarking on a 30-day workout challenge in October; we’ve committed to sweating every day for 30 days. We’ve done this challenge before, and even if we weren’t working out together, the mutual commitment (and impact on our social lives) really drew us closer and empowered us as a team. While of course we indulge in the occasional happy hour, the bond we feel over sweating vs. drinking is much stronger.

We’re very excited and passionate about advocating healthy co-worker bonding! If you would like to join our 30 day challenge, please follow us on instagram, we have more details about the challenge there. Please share your journey with our community and use hashtags #LiveFitwithLF and #30daychallenge when you upload your 30 day challenge photos to social media!