Seeing The Bigger Picture

When you arrive at a point in your current job where you are ready to explore opportunities or make a career change, you are faced with examining your future priorities and goals.

Many of us spend the vast majority of our adult life at work, the ideal situation would be to do what you love, feel truly valued with a company that has opportunities for advancement, and feel that you are compensated adequately.

Sometimes even if you are being compensated very generously, if you’re not passionate about what you do, or don’t feel valued by your supervisor or company, chances are it’s not worth it.

A suggestion would be to take the time to evaluate why you are making the decision to leave or stay, and ensuring that your primary driver is not only money. We come across companies that pay their employees very handsomely as a means of enticing them to stay, this can also potentially price candidates out of market value to be recruited in the future. If you stay because you are well compensated, but everything else feels wrong, you are merely delaying career advancement and personal satisfaction. Nothing is free, you are being paid more and the cost may be your happiness or personal time. 

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Thank You Note!


Some of the best advice I’ve ever received in my professional life is always follow up. Whether it is someone who interviewed you for a job or someone you met at a networking function for example, reaching out and following up demonstrates that you care about the connection you made and you are interested in developing the relationship with this person.

We recommend to all of our candidates who interview with clients that a thank you note makes a huge difference, and it’s absolutely true! The key to a good thank you note is to send one as soon as possible, and make sure it reinforces the connection you made. My advice would be to highlight at least one specific topic or moment in the conversation you had with your interviewer. It truly leaves an impression. We interview candidates all the time, and while I don’t get offended if I don’t receive a follow up thank you email, I certainly remember more vividly the candidates who sent a sweet note. When you are interviewing for a role you want, being memorable is of the utmost importance!